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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  January 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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that pattern is shifting trevor time with patty. >> thank you. overall were off to a good start a small glitch it's a good went back down to brunswick it's a water main breakt'nt will not
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13 minute right.
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the east
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discloses sebring are shut down testing. jessica dill joins us with more that was found in the water.. they insist the water supply
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operators they needed perform his job in may have falsified reports homeowners tell
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foliage and cautions. weather and traffic every eight minutes is coming outt ready to run and new head coach for opening up about the style of play he wants weather team leader explains what it may
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will trigger a couple of showers before
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major snow offense. if not gone much worse the coaching debut. they could not make it a shot needs some work.t that's not the only thing that they will be working onmet this is something that won't happen
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halfway through the season. we all need to get a better shape now. they will not have enough time to get into shape before the next game theo timberwolves are in town tonight the cavaliers have won the last four of five including the last three in their three straight wins over the world'
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their best dayhe it was for 80 versus man in the championship game. they missed an extra point early in the game and the patriots were chasing that point all afternoon long. rivlin tied the game with under a minute to play on the touchdown pass it's what been
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it hasn not been the super bowl
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have a great monday series if i were the cheapest places to select.t.
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good morning welcome to fox 8 news the morning we're getting ready to go outd in sky fox and check out the city for you a birds eye view. right now the freeways we don't have any issues on the freeway. along jefferson avenue south of wilson street south of route 303 the highways and no major
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good at morning. we've got temperatures in thein lower and middle 20s here will probably see some breaks of filtered sunshine as the winds pick up poster to pull in more cloud cover. p as we look at one of the reservations have about a foot a of snow on the ground in light snow there's the snow cover now
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cold air to the core of the atmosphere andth it tends more of before a few snow the next system is not assisted under the panhandle it's worth a west to east u which basically means were noted to speedy speeding pushes of arctic air disease with the southwestward quick temperature jumped q today in overnight and probably that will be up heading into tomorrow before the know the push of cold air comes in tomorrow afternoon.
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winds pick up point them more cloud cover the southwestwardw will pick up pushing some showers our way overnight tonightpi for midnight tonight it will have a breaks of sun tomorrow before the temperatures drop through the lower 30som maybe a couple of weak snow showers as the temperatures really won't be arctic but enough to trigger some lake affect there's still pretty good amount of open water in lake erie as we look at the snowfall projections. that creek you know all whole lot and for us. we pick up an inch i think that would be pushing it a little bit.t. the zone will flow will allow for slightly above normal temperatures on this eight-day forecastorur as we look at daytime highs state at above freezing another week front passes
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week system comes in sometime sunday into monday of next week. fox 8 news is your officials school closingur station. anticipating some showersol that will eliminate some of the snow coverl gas prices are getting lower and lower 30s punch more than average price nationwide is now coming in and out $1.92 per gallon the price the lowest suspended seven years. we from prices at a dollar 43 the other section of rocky river driver sheldon wrote in berea. experts say it may and soon as a crude oil prices begin to go up. there are no reports of anya
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powerful ways the biggest problem is a gas leak that triggered an explosione damaging one home rise and shine northeast ohio 5:51 a.m. 28 degrees outside we do weather and traffic every eight minutes. a film about survival in cold snowy condition tops the ticket sales despite millions of moviegoers dealing with their own cold snowy conditions dc is known for mudslinging during a camping season dozens took advantage of aas the big blessed to have a little fun in the snow. with one week until the iowah caucuses were you can expect
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welcome back this week in as
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a movie with a similar scene top the box office leonardo dicaprio better at the elements and wonts the battle of the box office. he rose to number one was $16 million star wars is inching closer to the top again. the brought in more than $14 million in funny guys kevins hart and ice cube fell from the number one space all the way down to number three this we can bringing and $13 million many folks in italy we're growing their boats over the weekend that annual venice carnival posted its boat festival this weekend brought in thousands of people many left going to the event which features a colorful water parade of traditional venetian boats sweeping down the lagoon. very colorful no doubt. some dressed in costumes as you saw all right there to make this event pet much more colorful and
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5:54 a.m. it's time to happen on the weather in an update on the forecast. >> five minutes until 6:00 a.m. relatively tranquil eight-day will-d have a week front passing through tomorrow ill be breezy with temperatures in the 40-42 today the front will trigger some showers late this evening overnight of rain not snow rain moves out pretty quick tomorrow anticipate some breaks insentient as temperatures fall through the low 30s by tuesday more than likely lake affect tonight with lake affect the daytime heist in about 33rd rest of the week there will be a h`break on thursdayth and anothere rs lermoveanieron e weekmo front passing through might trigger a couple of weeks lake affect showers for the most part, we're not anticipating no major arctic outpost no significant weather systemst across the eastern two thirds of the country wewo start to see the
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weather and traffic every eight minutes is just ahead making friends and having fun at a snowball fight it's become a popular this dream the big d capital. all eyesat on i am of what candidates are doing to try to win over voters ahead of the first contentn contest. c arlington. patty harkin will be along with the latest on your morning
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they may have snow up to the knee caps, but they're not letting that get m them that they can together and started rolling of the snowball many converged on the historic to ponce circle had district to have some fun with the record snowball. that is a real thing. the theme was snow wars the snowball strikes back this is one of several planned fights
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because of the's transition it down they scheduled a half dozen areaz battles on their facebook page.z it looks like they were having some fun and the snow as well. check out the sky.nd this is very cute. is the panda at dc national zoo he's having a blast frolicking in the white stuff. they tweeted out this video of him playing in the snow and it quickly went viral there's more from work what where that came fromv they already have 2 feet of snow on the ground but this guy here is a loving it. his got his hands in the air. that's the news at 5:00 a.m. the news at six begins right now. good at morning welcome to
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it's january 25an can you believe
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